Does Kratom have the ability to enhance focus and cognition? 

Kratom is widely-known to provide various positive effects including enhanced cognition. However, this notion is met with varying opinions. Users claim that this natural herb is capable of providing cognitive performance, whilst studies suggests otherwise. Let’s dive in.

What is Cognitive Performance?

Cognitive performance is the ability to utilize knowledge acquired by our brain through various mental processes. Our brain is said to be well-functioning when we are able to control voluntary or involuntary tasks such as the sleep-wake cycle, perception, emotion, appetite, memory, attention, and mood.

These activities are tracked by millions of neurons in our body, along with a system of receptors and effectors that react to the changes in our brain activity. These receptors react differently to various ligands, depending on the nature and amount of the said ion or molecule. Thus, when we speak of Kratom enhancing cognition, it depends solely on the strain and dosage of Kratom.

Kratom and Cognitive Performance

Our brain is the most powerful organ in our body; it is the control center of our Being. Our brain receives its energy from nutrients found in the food we consume. Our body then metabolizes these nutrients to perform functions for various receptors. These nutrients interact with our body’s organs in various ways so that we can live.

For Kratom, its naturally formed alkaloids – Mitragynine and 7-hydro Mitragynine – are produced after the body has undergone metabolization. These alkaloids now then communicate to opioid receptors in our brain, which in turn affect our cognitive performance to varying degrees.

Does Kratom Enhance Cognitive Performance?

Today, Kratom’s ability to enhance cognition is still under debate. As many users have reported, using Kratom in smaller doses increases their mental capacity. However, if consumed in high doses, the user becomes sedated and loses enhanced cognitive function in return.

As some users claim, Kratom helps them become more focused and attentive. It also provides euphoria, motivation, stamina, and increased productivity due to enhanced strength. They also feel more relaxed and serene. Although, these effects are highly dependent on dosage, as taking in a much higher amount induces the sedative effect, which limits your cognitive function.

What’s the Best Kratom Strain for Cognitive Performance?

Different Kratom strains can provide users with increased energy, motivation, stimulation, and/or enhanced cognition. The most favoured strains for mild effects are ‘White Vein Borneo’ or  any Green leaf variants. Contrary, the ‘Red Vein’ strain is known for its sedative effects.

Another popular Kratom strain that provides increased cognition is ‘Maeng Da’. However, this is still dependent on dosage, as Maeng Da consumed in higher dosages can also show sedative effects.

Conclusion About the Effects of Kratom

Kratom, in a nutshell, offers users various effects depending on the user’s needs. A higher dosage may be needed for those looking for pain relief with its sedative effect. Those looking to enhance memory, mental or cognitive function, or those who prefer the recreational side of Kratom, consumption in lower dosages is the best way to go.

In the end, it all depends on the dosage and your intention. Rarely does a natural medicine provide such option, proving further the many wonders of Kratom.

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