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Located in Vancouver BC, Kboost Ethnobotanicals is an emerging company offering powerful plants to the people. We were founded in 2017. Our team has a long history working within the supplement and sports nutrition businesses, focusing on both performance and wellness. We have worked with many individuals looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals to enhance their quality of life. Our passion for plant medicines has inspired us to make plants ultra convenient to our community. Our formulators are visionaries compelled to share the most cutting-edge research, and we are committed to your health and to our planet.

Our Vision

Kboost Ethnobotanicals

At Kboost Ethnobotanicals our vision is to create a world where plants will become available to all people. We believe in empowering the individual to make intelligent choices. Our goal is to streamline our manufacturing facility so that we can expand our product lineup to offer carefully selected strains, unique blends and formulas that can be catered to customer needs. Furthermore we intend to offer larger quantities of kratom at a greater value. As the research grows, so will we. And with that growth will bring increased education and a more convenient delivery system for you the consumer.

Kboost Personas


38 year old self employed
Clayton is a 38 year old self employed hard working middle class man. He lives with his girlfriend as in unmarried with no children. He works a manual labour job. He is not extremely active on social media but he is busy working his job. Often it is long hours 8-5 pm, as necessary, often 5-6 days/week. Clayton has dealt with a previous addiction to prescription medications. These include oxycodon and percoset, which were originally properly prescribed by his physician. Pharmaceutical medications originally helped him deal with his physical back pain, and he had continued taking them to grapple with his anxiety. He also works under the table with cash jobs which gives him an a monthly income of 7000. He also owns a small home in the suburbs, in which he pays a mortgage of 1900 each month.
  • Middle class
  • Inactive on social media. Has accounts but doesn’t blog or post often.
  • looks to word of mouth for recommendations on products
  • Is searching for a healthier alternative to medications to alleviate his pain and anxieties.
  • Spending time with his girlfriend and her family
  • Jiu Jitsu classes twice a week
  • Working out at the gym on occasion
  • Travelling to Mexico or Hawaii, or other vacation spots once a year
  • To live a life free from addiction, and stay healthy mentally.
  • To better handle himself in his day to day life.
  • To pay off his home and save for a marriage.
  • To read more books and work less.
  • 38yo male
  • High school education
  • Doesn’t follow rules and is a marijuana advocate.
  • Is interested in healing ceremonies and shamanism
  • Tries to stay away from alcohol and parties
  • Spends time travelling with his girlfriend and relaxing in exotic places.
  • Enjoys martial arts and being healthy and fit.


22 year old student

Brandon is a 22 year old student who is studying business part time at a technical school in Vancouver, BC. He is originally from the suburbs and is living with his parents. He works part time at a fitness club and is single or in between relationships. He has a long history in sports and has played hockey at a highly competitive level most of his youth. He has been playing with junior hockey clubs and travelled for the last 3 years. Brandon has moved from city to city and is interested in eventually starting or partnering in his own fitness related business. When he is not studying he is working out at a gym, or spending time with his friends. He has a lot of energy and is always looking for the next product to enhance his body and his performance. He is passionate about supplements, and trusts experts in the industry to help him. He uses Instagram and Snapchat to follow what is going on in his community and stays in touch this way. Brandon works part time but lives with his parents so he makes around 15,000 annually. He spends most of his extra money on supplements and entertainment. His parents agreed to pay for his school, as long as he works at least one part time job.

  • Semi pro athlete
  • Actively posts on social media mainly Instagram
  • Looks to his mentors or idols for what to take to enhance his physique.
  • Wants to look good and admires many bodybuilders.
  • Looking for an edge in terms of supplements
  • Weight training
  • Partying or going out with his friends
  • Playing hockey
  • Playing video games
  • Travelling as much as possible.
  • To eventually set up a business around his athletic abilities
  • To gain experience in the fitness community
  • To eventually come up with a product or service to be a source of income.
  • Be more focused
  • More productive
  • To build a more muscular body
  • 22yo male
  • looks towards other influencers as a source of inspiration
  • Excels in sports and has played hockey his entire life.
  • Has a supportive family
  • Works part time teaching hockey camps or at the front desk at a gym.


33 year old paint contractor
Jesse is a 33 year old paint contractor who lives in the suburbs with his wife in Maple Ridge, BC just west of Vancouver. He rents the space from his family and enjoys being close to wilderness. He works to support his wife who works at a coffee shop nearby. Jesse is heavily into supplements and herbal extracts that help him explore his mind. Jesse spends his time watching YouTube videos on how to become more conscious and aware, so that he can apply the ideas to his daily life. Jesse does all his own research and is always curious about the next breakthrough in performance enhancing products. Jesse originally got started as a paramedic in his late 20s and made up to 70,000 annually. He recently moved onto entrepreneurship and runs a successful painting company that makes the same amount of 70,000 per year. This will allow him to save up the down payment to purchase his own real estate in the near future.
  • Middle class
  • Hardworking painter
  • Entrepreneurial and likes his freedom to create
  • No children, but likes to travel to Asia once every year
  • Uses social media to find new products to enhance his mind
  • Frequents local stores to try new supplements
  • Mixed Martial Arts several times per week
  • Weightlifting
  • Travelling
  • Kayaking and walking his dogs
  • Watching documentaries
  • To have more energy and increased well-being.
  • To stay physically fit as he ages
  • To make smarter moves in business in order to save faster for his home.
  • To eventually have children
  • 33 year old male
  • Trained as a paramedic
  • Educated on plant medicines and most supplements
  • Obsessed with bettering and expanding his mind.
  • Active in jiu jitsu.
  • Enjoys working out and spending time in nature.


41 year old self employed

Aeo is a 41 year old self employed hard working upper middle class entrepreneur. He lives in a $2 million home with his wife on West 4th st in Vancouver, BC. Aeo spends much of his time dining out at vegan restaurants and working with art buyers. His basement has been converted into an art studio where his wife sells high end indigenous art. He’s also a fitness and yoga instructor and considers himself a progressive thinker. Aeo is well connected in the plant medicine community in Vancouver. He inherited the property over a decade ago when prices were lower and now lives comfortably on around 100k annual income. His wife sells her paintings for an additional 50k annually and they seem to have little money stress living in the city. Aeo is linked to the spiritual community in Vancouver and is excited about new health supplements that come to the market in Canada. He is open to new herbs and is willing to try foreign products. He listens to the recommendations of his friends and only uses social media to contact his associates. He grew up after the boom of Instagram so most of his research is done word of mouth, or by text or meeting in person.

  • Upper Middle class
  • Well connected in the art and spiritual community in Vancouver
  • Is interested in boosting his energy and mental performance
  • A regular supplement and herb consumer. Advocate for cultural diversity.
  • Spending time with his wife in nature.
  • Meditation and ceremony
  • Eating a plant based / vegan diet and trying new restaurants
  • Hiking and camping
  • Travelling and backpacking to foreign countries
  • To set up a nonprofit organisation to help people in his community
  • To hold community events to bring cultures together
  • To better his diet and well being
  • To help his wife sell and display her artwork.
  • To bring plant medicine and ceremonies into his home.
  • 41yo male
  • Post secondary education (university bachelors)
  • Advocate for cultural diversity and acknowledgement.
  • Has been helping people with fitness and yoga, runs private classes.
  • Vegan
  • Spends time travelling with his girlfriend and learning other indigenous cultures.
  • Enjoys yoga and weight training.


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